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Snjallingur.is is run and maintained by Snjallingur ehf.. Here after called Snjallingur.

  • Company name: Snjallingur ehf.
  • Address: Skektuvogur 6, 104 Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Chamber of commerce registration number: 500620-1880
  • VAT-number: 138092
  • Owner and main contact: Alexander Eck
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +354 660-3920
  • Terms and conditions: /knowledge-base/skilmalar/ (icelandic only)
  • IBAN: IS230552265006205006201880

About us

We strongly believe in artificial intelligence driven by the internet of things and open APIs



    1. Value. The products we deliver need to bring value to our customers and need to fulfill at least one aspect of comfort (makes us feel better), productivity (saving time), savings (energy, money or both) or security (better protection for our home, ourselves or others).
    2. Reliability. Every service we provide, every product we sell and every single line code we write is tested and has proven itself. We know that there is no such thing as 100% but we try to come as close as possible by assuming that all sensors can and will fail at some point, the knowledge of the expected end-of-lifetime of our products and build in exceptions in our code.
    3. Economic. The IoT market is flooded with products and is inextricable.  The market offers a wide range of island solutions and the buyers’ choice is extremely difficult; to choose between price, supported technology and functionality. Our product range is tested and estimated and our customers can feel ensured that they  are getting the best value for money.
    4. Functionality might be obvious but is not always given. Many products do not provide what they offer, especially in the IoT field products might deliver more capability than they offer. E.g. A Smoke sensor might also include a temperature sensor, a Phillips hue bulb can talk to any Zigbee device handler or a motion sensor can also determine the brightness. We provide our customers only with the functionality they need.
    5. Privacy. Our implemented solutions work fully locally. Every communication and its basic functionality is given without an internet connection. Unless you want to use services that require an open incoming connection from the internet to enable remote control from anywhere or the use of voice assistant devices (Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri).




In 3-5 years (by 2023-2025) we will be the leading service provider of home automation for homes and smaller companies, on the Icelandic market